Mr. Narcisse Mavoha

Program Leader

Mr. Mavoha, as independant business consultant, built his professional experience across multiples sectors such as administration, bank, pharma and telecommunications.

After graduating in Communications systems engineering at EPFL in 1995, he worked for 9 years as R&D engineer, project manager, team leader in the telecommunication industry for Ascom, Swisscom, Swisscom Mobile.

In 2004 he completed an MBA at the university of Lausanne and grounded his own company in 2005, consulting in project management and general management.

Mr. Mavoha joined the EssentialMed foundation in 2019 to launch the Tanzanian-Swiss innovation and entrepreneurship initiative aiming at improving health conditions and well-being for infants, children and adolescents in secondary urban regions in Tanzania, through innovation and entrepreneurial implementation of R&D projects.