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Who we are

The Essential Medical Devices Foundation is committed to developing and deploying effective, high-quality and affordable medical devices, adapted to the needs of impoverished communities across the globe.

“Of all of the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhumane.”

—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

EssentialMed at the EPFL Forum
Our 2020 annual report is out!
New funding obtained for our GlobalO2 project

Our focus

Through the development of creative solutions and innovations we aim at strengthening sustainable access and maintenance of medical technologies in low income countries.

Technology Innovation

The Foundation catalyses, initiates and contributes to the innovation and development of high priority Essential Technologies, required to provide universal access to primary healthcare.

Capacity Building

The Foundation recognizes the challenge posed by the lack of relevant skills to fully reap the benefits and achieve sustainable impact with medical technologies in these regions. Therefore, the development of suitable training programs, in conjunction with sustainable business models, is considered a top priority.

Sustainable Deployment

Besides skills shortage, the scarce availability of maintenance and repair services is also considered to be one of main factors undermining the success and sustainable impact of medical technologies in the priority region. The Foundation aims to tackle this issue through the development and implementation of social entrepreneurship approaches, in order to ensure sustainability.


Photo credits Sylvain Liechti / EssentialTech Centre


Photo credits Sylvain Liechti / EssentialTech Centre