EssentialMed contributions

  • WHO review of access to energy in healthcare facilities: World Health Organization, Access to modern energy services for health facilities in resource-constrained settings: a review of status, significance, challenges and measurement, 2014. Link
  • Article presenting our approach to developing MedTech innovations for LMICs: S. Makohliso, B. Klaiber, R. Sahli, J.-R. Moulion Tapouh, S. Nko’o Amvene, B. Stoll, K. Schönenberger, Medical technology Innovation for a sustainable impact in Low-and Middle-Income countries: a holistic approach, Engrxiv, 2020, Apr 07, DOI:
  • Review of appropriate warming devices for low-resource settings: M. Kyokan, F. Rosa-Mangeret, M. Gani and R. E. Pfister, Neonatal warming devices: What can be recommended for low-resource settings when skin-to-skin care is not feasible?, Front. Pediatr. 2023 Apr 25, DOI:10.3389/fped.2023.1171258

Other valuable articles

  • World Health Organization. (‎2010)‎. Medical devices: managing the mismatch: an outcome of the priority medical devices project. World Health Organization. Link
  • World Health Organization (2023). Energizing health: accelerating electricity access in health-care facilities. WHO, the World Bank, IRENA & SEforALL. Link

Annual reports