Open positions

There are currently no open position at our Foundation.

You might want to have a look at what the EPFL EssentialTech Centre is offering.


We are constantly looking for interns! We currently have ongoing activities in the following domains:

  • Power monitoring/electrical audits of hospitals: Collecting data on power availability and quality in health care facilities, as well as power consumption inside these facilities.
  • Investigating solar power possibilities for health care facilities: Establishing the needs, reviewing available solutions, investigating financing options.
  • Mapping the availability of health services: Determine the distance and travel times for the population to reach specific health services, and model the effect of potential interventions to improve the situation.

These topics can be accommodated for industry internships for EPFL students (8 weeks), for Master’s thesis, or for specific availabilities. And if you have other topics you are interested in, do let us know!

If you are an EPFL student, you can also check other internship opportunities from Ingénieur-e-s du Monde.