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Oxygen concentrator

Oxygen is essential to treat pulmonary and cardiovascular problems as well as for surgery, and yet it is largely unavailable in health systems in low and middle-income countries. Existing solutions are too expensive, too fragile and too complex. In particular, oxygen concentrators, which are devices designed to generate oxygen, cannot work sustainably in hot, humid and dusty climates. This project aims to develop a robust and low-cost oxygen concentrator, able to provide access to oxygen in primary health structures.

Global O2 project website

Tanzanian-Swiss Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative

The project is aiming at creating a strong collaboration between Tanzanian and Swiss partners towards enhancing child / adolescent health & well-being and sustainable impact in rural and secondary urban regions of Tanzania. This project is funded by the Fondation Botnar.
The Kilombero district will be selected as the testbed for rural solutions, while Tanga and Dar es Salaam will be the selected regions for urban solutions. There will be a strong emphasis on solutions based on modern digital technologies, artificial intelligence and medtech.
The goal is to create and stimulate a coherent continuum of activities from research and technology development, through entrepreneurial implementation and industrialisation & scaling up capabilities.
Prototyping and local manufacturing capacity will be developed, in particular, in these sectors to create a sustainable pipeline of new technologies, successful entrepreneurs and start-up companies that includes close technical and commercial links with relevant Swiss entities.

Global Neonat

Among the causes of neonatal mortality, hypothermia is one of the most important in developing countries, even though up to 40% of deaths associated with hypothermia could be prevented by appropriate thermal management. Attempts have been made to develop appropriate incubators or simplified infant warmers but most suffer from a series of drawbacks.
The essential incubator is simple and intuitive to use, bearing all the features of a “high-tech” incubator whilst being well adapted to the context of a district hospital in the developing world.

Global neonat project website

Global DiagnostiX- successfully completed

The goal of the GlobalDiagnostiX project is to develop, a digital, ultra-robust, and affordable medical x-ray equipment adapted to the needs and constraints of low and middle-income countries.

 This project is a collaboration with multiple partners. It has yielded a spin-off Pristem SA, which is in charge of industrialization and deployment.

GlobalDiagnostiX project website